Bright future drawn ahead of Iran defense industry: Cmdr. – Mehr News Agency – English Version

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Speaking in his visit at the Exhibition of Achievements of Defense Industry of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Monday, he pointed to the salient achievements of the defense industry of the country in the field of manufacturing parts and equipment required by the Armed Forces and said, “The variety of weapons manufactured by the Defense Industries Organization, affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, along with paying due attention to smart-manufacturing of relevant equipment indicates strong, jihadist and inclusive management in lien with moving towards world’s most-modern military knowledge and knowhow.”

He went on to say that rosy and bright future awaits Iran’s defense industry.

Brigadier General Mousavi emphasized that salient progress of the defense industry of the country in various sectors of military field is ‘commendable’ in line with promoting military power and authority of the country and reiterated, “Significant progresses in manufacturing commercial products in various sectors of transportation, health, oil and gas and petrochemical show positive and effective entry of country’s defense industry in using military knowledge and knowhow in civilian products required in the country.”