Court rejects petition of Lebanese citizen accused of terrorism against Azerbaijan

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By Trend

The court has rejected the petition of a Lebanese citizen accused of terrorist activity against Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

In the Yasamal District Court in Baku, a preparatory hearing is being held on the case of Lebanese citizen Viken Eulcekcian, accused of terrorist activities against Azerbaijan.

The lawyer who spoke at the meeting petitioned for the return of the case for preliminary investigation. In turn, the state prosecutor said that the petition was unfounded.

The prosecutor noted that the accused and his lawyer were presented with the necessary evidence during the preliminary investigation. At the same time, neither the accused nor the defense side expressed dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation. Therefore, the request to return the case for preliminary investigation was rejected.

After that, the court retired for deliberation. Following the meeting, the court rejected the petition of the accused.

A criminal investigation opened under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code at the Investigation Department of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan on the facts of participation of Lebanese citizen Viken Eulcekcian and others in the form of an organized group as mercenaries as part of the Armenian Armed Forces against Azerbaijani citizens in exchange for material reward, has been completed.

The investigation revealed that Eulcekcian, born in 1979, a citizen of Lebanon, a resident of Beirut, initially accepted the offer on September 29, 2020, to take part in military operations as a mercenary in the de-occupied territories of Azerbaijan in exchange for $2,500.

For this purpose, on the same day, in an organized group, he deliberately crossed the protected state border of Azerbaijan from the territory of Armenia outside the checkpoints and arrived in the territories where other mercenaries were.

Eulcekcian and other mercenaries also took part in terrorist activities against citizens and the army of Azerbaijan, using firearms, ammunition and spare parts illegally obtained as a result of the persecution of armed groups, not provided for by the legislation of Azerbaijan.

By the decision of the court, Viken Eulcekcian was charged under Article 114.3 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan (participation of a mercenary in a military conflict or military operation), Article 214.2.1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan (terrorism by a group of persons, organized group or criminal organization), 318.2 (illegal crossing of the state border of Azerbaijan).

On 05.05.2021, the indictment on the criminal case was approved and sent to court for consideration.

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