Dozens of Indians apply to Russian embassy for vaccine tourism

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NEW DELHI, June 8. / TASS /. Dozens of Indians have already contacted the Russian Embassy in New Delhi asking if they could go to Russia for vaccination, Head of the Consular Division of the Russian Embassy, Senior Counsellor Andrey Fedorov told TASS on Tuesday.

“The Indian citizens’ interest in the topic of vaccine tourism is really great. The number of appeals to the embassy on this issue from both individuals and legal entities is surging every day. There are already dozens of such appeals,” Fedorov stated.

The Russian diplomat noted that there was no official vaccine tourism to Russia yet. However, the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to hammer out launching paid COVID-19 vaccination in Russia for foreigners by late June was widely covered by the Indian mass media.

“Of course, we are not issuing such visas to anyone so far and cannot give them. It is advisable to wait until the process of creating legal conditions for the paid vaccination of foreign citizens in Russia is completed,” Fedorov went on to say.

According to the Russian diplomat, such programs would contribute to joint fight against COVID-19. “For our part, we are certain that the launch of relevant programs will further boost Russian-Indian cooperation in terms of combating COVID-19,” Fedorov concluded.