Embassy stays in contact with Russian citizen convicted in Denmark over espionage charges

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MOSCOW, June 10. /TASS/. Russian Embassy in Denmark stays in constant contact with Russian national Alexey Nikiforov, convicted for espionage for Russia, and exerts maximum effort for protection of his rights and interests, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday.

“The Russian Embassy in Denmark stays in constant contact with Alexey Nikiforov and, of course, with his attorney. We exert maximum efforts for protection of rights and interests of the Russian citizen,” she said.

The diplomat underscored that the Danish court ignored all arguments of Nikiforov’s defense.

“It is obvious that such biased politicized approach is a shining example of, basically, such an established anti-Russian course, rooted deep in the Danish political establishment,” Zakharova said.

The spokesman also commented on the detention of Vladislav Klyshin in Switzerland.

“He receives the necessary consular support and attorney aid. The consular access to him has been organized from the start. The consular services of the embassy and the consulate general stay in constant contact with Vladislav Klyushin,” the diplomat noted.

The Russian embassy also stays in contact with Swiss authorities in order to protect the Russian citizen’s rights.

In early December last year, the Danish Prosecutor’s Office charged Nikiforov, who permanently resides in the kingdom, with espionage for Russia. The Russian citizen, who has been in detention since early July 2020, was also suspected of transferring Danish energy technologies to the Russian intelligence.

On May 10, a Danish court sentenced Nikiforov to three years in prison over charges of espionage. The Russian national reportedly does not admit his guilt and intends to appeal the court ruling.