Intel officer who died in jail was about to compromise 'big secret,' says Israeli army chief

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Israel’s army chief Aviv Kochavi said on Wednesday that the intelligence officer who died in military prison was about to compromise “a big secret,” and that he was stopped “at the last minute.”

Speaking at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi said that the officer “committed very serious offenses” and that he did so “knowingly, on purpose, for reasons I can’t describe.”

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According to Kochavi, the secrecy, with which the affair was handled, was important “in order to safeguard his privacy and the privacy of his family … while guarding a big secret.”

Kochavi added that the IDF managed to stop “him at the last minute,” before he caused harm.

The IDF chief lamented the officer’s death, calling him “an excellent officer” and stressing the need to investigate the circumstances of his death. 

The officer died two weeks ago, nine months after he was indicted in military court. The charge or charges against him were subject to a gag order, as was any other information that could be used to identify him by name.

Speaking to Haaretz, acquaintances of the officer, who served in the Israel Defense Forces intelligence branch, described him as an idealistic and brilliant man who succeeded in all the jobs and tasks he was given.