Jordanian Terrorists Returned by Israel to Amman

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Photo Credit: Hoshvilim / Wikimedia

Jordanian border with Israel, in the Arava at Neot HaKikar, Feb. 2015

Jordan’s Foreign Minister announced Tuesday (June 8) that Israel released two Jordanian civilians who were arrested after infiltrating Israel during Operation Guardian of the Walls, Israel’s Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper reported.

The two were allegedly planning to carry out an attack against soldiers in Jerusalem.



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Jordan claimed after “intensive contacts the Israeli authorities decided to drop the indictments against the two citizens – Musab Daja and Khalifa al-Anur — and release them from detention.”

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) commented that the release of the two suspects was done “as part of the security and political interaction between Israel and Jordan. The two were transferred to the security authorities in Jordan, where they will be tried,” the Shin Bet said.

“The two were taken for questioning by the General Security Service (Shin Bet),” the security agency said.

“The Jordanians were found in possession of two knives and ropes. The interrogation of the two revealed that they planned to arrive in Jerusalem and carry out a stabbing attack against soldiers in the area of Al-Aqsa.”

An intended serious attack planned by the pair was thwarted ahead of time “due to the vigilance of the security forces,” the agency added.