Kiev sabotages negotiations on Donbass conflict, DPR says

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DONETSK, June 8. / TASS /. Kiev’s representatives are blocking the negotiation process and sabotaging the discussion of the roadmap during the talks of the Contact Group on ironing out the situation in Donbass’ subgroup on political issues, press secretary of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic’s mission Vladislav Moskovsky stated on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, the Ukrainian representatives continue to demonstrate blatant indifference and even deliberate sabotage of the Contact Group’s instructions as well as a complete lack of will to meet their commitments on a peaceful conflict settlement. The official Kiev’s reluctance to start substantive work on the roadmap before fulfilling their ridiculous requirements has led to the fact that the parties cannot return to at least some negotiations regarding political issues in the working group for more than three months,” the DPR’s mission cited Moskovsky on its Telegram channel.

DPR’s political subgroup representative Natalya Mikhailova noted that the Ukrainian side “completely ignored calls to intensify the discussion on the implementation of the Contact Group’s instructions in terms of the preparation and approval of a joint draft roadmap without explaining the reasons for such a stance”.

“Ukraine decided that it was possible to agree on the Donbass conflict settlement not with the republics’ representatives as a second party to the conflict but one-on-one with the OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe] coordinator. This is demonstrated by sending some secret data on the draft roadmap to the coordinator,” Mikhailova stated.

The DPR’s envoy also recalled that the Donetsk and Lugansk republics sent their draft roadmap eight months ago. “However, no comments from Kiev on the draft have been received yet,” she concluded.