Killing of Notorious Zionist Terrorist, a Significant Gain for Palestinians

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By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The death of a notorious Zionist criminal, although it cannot be called “direct execution” by the Palestinians, was nonetheless an achievement for the displaced defenders of Palestine, and a strategic loss for Israel.
Avi Har-Even, who last Sunday succumbed in a hospital in Haifa to the wounds he had sustained when a 5-star hotel in Acre (Akka), was burned during last month’s protest rallies by Palestinians, was a terrorist to his core.
As a former head of the Israel Space Agency the 84-year old criminal who had started his career in a terrorist outfit was for years involved in the indirect killing of innumerable Palestinians, especially innocent children.
He thus suffered his deserved fate when the oppressed Palestinian people set the Effendi Hotel on fire as a result of which he suffered serious burns and severe smoke inhalation, before passing into a coma.
The cowardly Israelis may boast of massacring over 260 Palestinian men, women, and children and wounding more than two thousand others, besides destroying the infrastructure of towns and cities in Gaza and making tens of thousands of people homeless during their 11-day war, but it is now coming to light that the huge losses they have suffered – both by the steady barrage of rockets and the popular protests that spread throughout the Occupied Land – are indeed significant gains for the Palestinians.
This was the reason the Zionists begged for ceasefire, afraid of the loss to their economy as well as sharp decline in public morale as the terrified illegal migrants screamed and dashed for shelters at the sight of Palestinian missiles penetrating the so-called iron dome.
Child-Killer Benjamin Netanyahu also feared that the rapidly improving ability of the Palestinians missile manufacturers to start target killing of leading Zionist terrorists, such as Avi Har-Even, coupled with organized attacks by Palestinians living in the 1948-occupied territories, could begin the exodus of the illegal immigrants to the safety of their original homes in Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world.
That is why the fast deteriorating condition of the fatally injured Har-Even, was not disclosed to the public until his death.
The killing of this notorious terrorist should now strengthen the spirits of the Palestinian people, whether in Gaza or those living under Zionist occupation, to focus on selective targets.
In short, Israel should know that none of its notorious terrorists, or its strategic industrial and military centres, are out of reach of the missile power of the long oppressed Palestinian people.