Kremlin waits for UEFA’s official reaction to Ukraine’s Euro 2020 uniform

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MOSCOW, June 7. /TASS/. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has called to wait for UEFA’s official reaction to the situation with the design of Ukraine’s Euro 2020 uniforms.

“So far, we don’t have any reaction. There has been a source — but we cannot rely on leaks from a source. Let’s wait until there is an official reaction,” Peskov said, commenting on the new uniforms of Ukraine’s national football team, featuring Ukrainian nationalist slogans ‘Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!’ and the silhouette of Ukraine, which includes Crimea and the territories of Donbass uncontrolled by Kiev.

Meanwhile, Peskov noted that he was unaware if Russia had sent any request to UEFA on this issue. “I don’t know if there were any requests, but this is indeed absolutely the prerogative of this championship’s organizers,” the Kremlin spokesman stressed.

The presidential spokesman also emphasized that the issue of politicizing football uniforms was not the Kremlin’s domain. “You know, in general, FIFA and UEFA regard this very carefully to prevent any politicizing of sports competitions,” he said.

In a comment on reporters’ proposals to feature some symbols on the Russian kit in response to Kiev’s move, Peskov said: “Why on earth should we draw anything? We’ve got everything.”

Head of Ukraine’s Football Association Andrei Pavelko said on Sunday that Ukraine’s national team at the UEFA Euro would wear uniforms with the slogan of Ukrainian nationalists “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!” It will also feature Ukraine’s silhouette, with Russia’s Crimea and the Donbass republics Kiev doesn’t control as part of Ukraine.

On June 7, UEFA’s press service announced that the Union of European Football Associations had approved the Ukrainian national team kit for the upcoming European Football Championship “in accordance with the applicable equipment regulations.”

At the same time, Dmitry Peskov noticed  that “If Russian and Ukrainian teams play each other during Euro 2020’s knock-out stage, this is unlikely to stir up political tensions between the two countries.”

“This won’t incite [tensions]. Sport is sport. We need to be above the incitement of any hatred between Russians and Ukrainians,” Peskov told reporters in reply to a question if the possible meeting of the two teams in a quarterfinal could increase tensions between Moscow and Kiev.

The presidential spokesman assured that Russia “has been always above this.” “On the contrary, we are convinced that we are two kith and kin. At least in our country, Ukrainians are always welcome guests,” he stated.

Euro 2020 will be held from June 11 through July 11. Russia’s St. Petersburg will host seven matches, including a quarterfinal game on July 2.