Moscow hotel fire kills two, Health Department says

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MOSCOW, May 4. /TASS/. Two people died in a fire that engulfed the Vechny Zov hotel in Moscow in the early hours of Tuesday, a spokesperson for the city’s Health Department told TASS.

“Fourteen people were rushed to hospitals following the fire, with eight children among them. Two of the adults who had suffered injuries in the blaze died later. One of the adults is in highly critical condition. The kids who have been taken to hospitals are receiving all necessary medical treatment, their condition is viewed as stable and their lives are out of danger,” the spokesperson noted.

According to the Moscow Health Department, four brigades from the Center for Emergency Medicine and 15 ambulance teams arrived at the scene of the blaze on Sixth Kozhukhovskaya Street within seven minutes.

The fire broke out in a five-floor hotel building at 03:27 am (00:27 am GMT). The blaze scorched a total of 100 square meters.