Over 200 rescuers sent to Crimea to help do away with flooding consequences

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MOSCOW, June 21. /TASS/. Russia’s emergencies ministry said on Monday it has sent more than 200 rescuers from the Tula and Noginsk rescue centers to rain-and flood-hit Crimea.

“In line with the president’s instruction, the taskforce relieving the consequences of the rain-induced flooding will be reinforced. More than 200 rescuers and 30 rescue vehicles have been sent to the peninsula from the Russian emergencies ministry’s Tula and Noginsk rescue centers. They will be tasked to carry out rescue and restoration works and deliver targeted aid to the population,” the ministry’s press service said.

According to the emergencies ministry, fifty-five houses and thirty-eight garden plots stay flooded in Crimea. The local taskforce was earlier reinforced by 156 rescuers and 34 vehicles from the Don rescue center.

A cyclone over Crimea has triggered torrential rains accompanied by strong winds. A state of emergency was declared in the region. Yalta was the hardest hit area on the south coast of the peninsula. According to city Mayor Yanina Pavlenko, the city is facing the most serious situation since 1922, when over 190mm of rain fell during a day.

One person was killed and 43 were injured as a result of the flood. The search continues for a missing woman.

Hundreds of houses have been damaged in the republic. Thirteen hotels were partially flooded in Yalta, and tourists had to be evacuated from two of them. The beach infrastructure has been damaged. At the moment, post-disaster recovery efforts are under way in many areas, including works to clear debris and resume electricity, water and gas supplies.