Putin calls for upgrading Russian social protection system

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NOVO-OGARYOVO, June 8. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task of making the country’s social protection system more modern and targeted.

“The experience of combating COVID-19 has shown that together, in solidarity, we can solve the most challenging issues. It is through such a direct dialogue and cooperation that we should make our entire social protection system more modern and targeted,” the Russian leader addressed the representatives of social organizations during an online meeting on Tuesday.

According to Putin, it is necessary “to build up all the procedures, a legal framework in such a way as to take into account the interests, needs, and requests of people who mostly need help, attention and care”.

The president believes that Russia has a very valuable resource, “the best solutions and practices that actually prove their effectiveness are already being used in the regions, municipalities as well as in the work of the non-profit sector.”

The Russian leader mentioned that “such experience should be definitely generalized and disseminated throughout the country”. According to Putin, this “will allow to more effectively help families in a challenging situation strengthen social protection of orphans and disabled children, better organize long-term home care so that seriously ill and elderly people can be in familiar conditions next to their relatives and friends”.

Putin also noted the need to expand the participation of non-profit organizations and volunteers of all ages in the provision of social assistance. “Your sincerity, warmth and humanity are undoubtedly the guarantees of our common success,” the president stressed.

At the meeting, Putin proposed to discuss ideas for organizing social protection that social organizations’ representatives can offer.