Russia assumes further deterioration of relations with US, would try to avoid it — Ryabkov

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MOSCOW, June 9. /TASS/. Russian-American relations may deteriorate even further in the future, but Moscow will exert maximum effort in order to prevent this, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Wednesday.

“I assume further deterioration [of relations with the US]. We will exert maximum effort in order to prevent this because the risks are serious, and crisis management in our relations remains on the agenda,” the diplomat said.

According to the diplomat, this is why the sides work so actively on the prevention of dangerous incidents and dangerous military activity.

Ryabkov reminded that, in May, Russia and the US had another round of reviewing of the implementation of the 1972 agreement on prevention of incidents in the open sea and air space.

“We want to update this instrument,” he noted.

“Speaking about a new equation of security, naturally, we include new technological factors, as well. […] We have an impressive themed agenda with the US, and we will work on it. It is important for us to be heard because there are certain problems with this, too, which are probably connected to the difference in priorities,” the diplomat said.

Moscow understands that Washington changes its priorities in foreign policy, paying ever less attention to the problems in Europe.

“We also have multiple priorities, dictated by the multipolar world. The world does not turn around the US. We will reduce the risks of conflicts and confrontation. We expect reciprocal movement,” Ryabkov concluded.