Russia free of superpower ambitions, Western messianic crusades, says top diplomat

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MOSCOW, June 9. /TASS/. Russia does not harbor ambitions to be a superpower and is free of the messianic missions of the West that finds it difficult to promote its initiatives at universal international platforms, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the Primakov Readings forum on Wednesday.

“Incidentally, we have no superpower ambitions, no matter how anyone may try to convince himself and all the others of the opposite view. We are also free of the messianic fervor, with which our Western colleagues are trying to spread their value-based democratic agenda across the world. It has long been clear to us that imposing a development model from the outside will not lead to anything good. Look at the Middle East, North Africa, Libya, Yemen or Afghanistan,” Russia’s top diplomat stressed.

Western colleagues, primarily, the United States and the European Union, want to promote their concepts in circumvention of universal international organizations, Lavrov pointed out.

“The question of why not doing it in the higher multilateralism structure, the United Nations Organization, leaves no clear answer. But it is clear to us that, of course, it is far more difficult to promote some own ideas and reach accords in the universal format, where there are not only submissive members of the Western club but there are also Russia, China, India, Brazil and African countries,” the Russian foreign minister emphasized.

“Let us see how this concept of the world order based on the rules will be reflected in the results of the events already announced, including the so-called summit for democracy outlined by [US] President [Joe] Biden and multilateralism initiatives, which President [of France Emmanuel] Macron and some other European leaders also put forward,” Lavrov added.

The existing system of international relations rests on the results of World War II, and Russia will not allow the revising of these facts, Russia’s top diplomat stressed. “I am convinced that we cannot ignore the indisputable fact that the current world system is a sum of accords by the powers of victors in World War II. And Russia will object to those who want to throw the results of this war into doubt,” the Russian foreign minister said.