Russia must not wall itself off from global dialogue on AI, Medvedev believes

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MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev called on Russia to significantly step up its participation in international discussions on artificial intelligence (AI).

“We must beef up our participation in international discussions on the issues of artificial intelligence. I believe we definitely should not insulate ourselves in this regard, despite the fact that we do not have the easiest relations with a number of countries and international institutions,” Medvedev said during a Tuesday meeting. Moscow “still must have discussions in the Council of Europe – at least while we are still there — and in UNESCO, BRICS, the OSCE, and in the G20,” the official noted.

According to Medvedev, “it is necessary that all executive authorities and all leading companies working on this topic pool their efforts to promote Russia’s approaches on these and other platforms.”

He noted that attention should be paid to Asian forums and platforms that are no less important.

“In general, this will contribute to shaping our image as an active participant of the global discussion on artificial intelligence. That being said, we will also be enriched by the information that generally surrounds such discussions,” Medvedev explained.

According to the deputy chairman, “the cooperation within the BRICS framework, which includes countries with a high level of AI development, namely China, is very promising.”

“We must think about putting together some document for BRICS member states on cooperation in this field, which could eventually include a reference to model laws that regulate issues relevant to all countries. [This would include] unmanned transport, intellectual development, and the introduction of AI into healthcare,” Medvedev believes. He underscored that the “European countries are working on this rather energetically” but have not invited Russia to discuss these issues. Therefore, Medvedev believes such issues could be discussed within the BRICS platform.