Some coronavirus patients do not respond to existing therapy — doctor

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MOSCOW, June 10. TASS/.It is becoming increasingly hard for doctors to treat novel coronavirus patients, because some of them do not respond to the existing therapy, Denis Protsenko, chief physician of the Kommunarka hospital for coronavirus patients, told the EkhoMoskvy radio station on Thursday.

“[The treatment] has become more difficult, because some patients with confirmed novel coronavirus infection do not respond to therapeutic strategies that have been developed during the [pandemic] period [in Russia],” Protsenko said.

He attributed the trend to possible mutations in the virus.

“There is a feeling that the virus is changing. The existing therapies fail from time to time, which makes us think that the virus has also changed to a certain extent in the past 18 months, that it had mutated,” the doctor added.

According to Protsenko, about 20% of Kommunarka’shospital beds are now vacant.