Sputnik Light jab primarily designed for young people, key health official says

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MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. The Sputnik Light jab against the coronavirus infection is above all designated for young people, in particular, for students, Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev stated on Tuesday.

“Above all, one has to note that this vaccine is designated for the inoculation of the youth, primarily students. Because studies show that a single use of this vaccine <…> results in good immunity being developed in young people and a good level of antibodies,” he said at a plenary session at the State Duma.

The Sputnik Light vaccine is the first component of the Sputnik V jab. The efficacy of the single-dose Sputnik Light shot amounts to 79.4% at Day 28 following its use.

The efficacy estimate was performed based on the data of Russians who received only one shot within the framework of the mass inoculation drive and who didn’t receive the second shot for any reason during the period from December 5, 2020 through April 15, 2021. The efficacy indicator at the level of about 80% surpasses those of many two-dose jabs.