The Palestinian ‘Terrorists’

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Since 1948, (over 70 years) Israel and its vanguard army-
the “settlers”, have brutalised, killed, tortured,
intimidated and stolen the land of the Palestinian people.
For over 70 years Western media have assisted the Israeli
regime in portraying Palestinians as terrorists and that
every Israeli action against Palestinians is a
‘response’ to some terrorist act by the Arabs.

this latest round of the Israeli attempt to destroy
Palestinian resistance to 70 years of brutality and theft,
we are told that Israeli military action is a ‘response’
to Hamas in Gaza firing rockets into Israel. In reality this
latest round of hostilities is inextricably connected to the
– the catastrophe of 1948 when Israeli settlers
and an Israeli military , murdered thousands of Palestinians
and displaced many more to Lebanon, Jordan and beyond,
simply to steal their land.

expelled from their homes at gunpoint during the Nakba; from

the Discourse Blog notes: “This is not a ‘clash’
between two equal sides. This is a straightforward attack by
Israel on Palestinians. For days, the Israeli government has
Palestinians worshipping at one of the
holiest sites in Islam, during Ramadan, all while
a move to
a Jerusalem neighborhood of its
Palestinian residents. Israeli forces have fired rubber
bullets and stun grenades, injuring hundreds of people. The
deputy mayor of Jerusalem has been filmed
that Palestinian activists weren’t shot in the

Rights Watch
have finally decided in the past few weeks
that only now is Israel guilty of crimes against humanity,
of persecution of Palestinians and is an apartheid state –
something that has been indisputable for 70

Ironically, Israeli settlers’ and the Israeli
regime’s constant ‘acquisition’ of Palestinian land
over the past 70 years means that an Israel/Palestine two
state solution is no longer a viable solution.

only solution now for Israel and Palestine to become a
single state where all its residents have equal rights, and
where dispossessed Palestinians have the inalienable right
of return and compensation for the lives, properties and
olive groves confiscated or destroyed by the Israeli state.
This apartheid regime will hopefully die a peaceful

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