Transit to Kazakhstan stopped after explosion on Soyuz gas pipeline in Orenburg region

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MOSCOW, February 23. /TASS/. Gas transit to Kazakhstan was stopped after an explosion at the Soyuz pipeline section in the Orenburg region, according to the information published on the telegram channel of the RF Ministry of Energy on Tuesday.

It is clarified that gas supply to consumers comes from a cylinder on the Orenburg-Novopskov gas pipeline. “At 08:49 the personnel [of the Orenburg – Novopskov gas pipeline] disconnected the section of the gas pipeline from the zero to 123rd kilometer of the Soyuz main gas pipeline. The transit of gas through the Alekseevka GIS to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan was terminated from a cylinder of the Orenburg-Novopskov gas pipeline,” the statement says. The reason for the temporary halt is the damage at the 108th kilometer of the Soyuz gas pipeline with a diameter of 1,400 with a gas fire.