Ukraine-Russia friendship to get stronger despite Kiev authorities’ policies — opposition

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KIEV, June 11. /TASS/. The opposition in Ukraine is certain that mutually beneficial trading and economic ties with Russia will be restored soon, and the bonds off friendship between the two peoples will grow stronger despite the current Ukrainian authorities’ policies, as follows from a statement by the political party Oppositional Platform – For Life, published on Friday ahead of Russia Day.

“Just as millions of Ukrainians we are certain that Russia has been and remains the most important strategic partner of Ukraine, and that mutually beneficial trading, and economic ties between our countries, and productive industrial cooperation will be restored in the near future,” the statement runs. The opposition said that despite the extremely strained relations between the two countries in recent years many in Ukraine never forget that Ukrainians and Russians share “centuries-long history, family bonds, traditions, Orthodox faith, the experienced tragedies and the victories attained together”.

“The bonds of friendship between our peoples will grow stronger despite the short-sighted policies off the Ukrainian authorities,” the message says.

In recent years, anti-Russian policies have become official in Ukraine. The importance of joint common achievements is ignored, and the common cultural heritage is devalued, the Oppositional Platform – For Life said. 

“With the connivance of the authorities, radical nationalist sentiment is being cultivated in Ukrainian society, and hatred is being fomented towards neighboring countries that were fraternal just recently,” the statement goes. “Common history is precisely what has always united Ukrainians and Russians. We sincerely hope that its tragic pages will be left in the past.”

On the occasion of Russia Day the Oppositional Platform – For Life wished the people of Russia peace, well-being and prosperity. “We do believe that the wisdom off our peoples will help establish a dialogue between our counties, and preserve mutual friendship and respect for many years to come,” the party concluded.