United Shipbuilding Corporation agrees on choice of Russian components with Rosatom

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ST. PETERSBURG, June 8. /TASS/. The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has reached an agreement with Rosatom on the choice of Russian components for new icebreakers, USC Chief Executive Officer Alexei Rakhmanov told TASS at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“We managed to explain to the colleagues that, first, we provide utilization, second, a certain profit on the price. This was not an increase in the price or settlement of the import substitution problem by all means. On the contrary, we discussed economically clear proposals,” he said when asked whether a common denominator has been found in the components choice.

“Hopefully in the future, step by step, we will continue gradually gaining those positions of shipboard equipment, deck equipment, all that defines the quality of our ships,” Rakhmanov added.

Earlier, the Baltic Shipyard (part of USC) in St. Petersburg constructed the lead Arktika icebreaker of the project 22220 for Rosatom. Moreover, in May 2014 they entered into a contract for construction of two icebreakers of the project – Sibir and Ural. The third and fourth Project 22220 serial icebreakers, Yakutia and Chukotka, have also been laid at the Baltic Shipyard and are being constructed, with delivery scheduled for 2024 and 2026, respectively.