US Revives Terrorism In Syria After Presidential Elections

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US positions in Syria keeps weakening in recent years as the Syrian
authorities gradually restore civil infrastructure and government
institutes destroyed during the long-term war. By successfully
conducting the presidential elections, Damascus virtually frustrated the
plan of the White House for
the establishment of a puppet Syrian government.

such situation did not suit the American intelligence and special
services. The CIA leadership has rather quickly found the solution in prisons for former ISIS terrorists that are controlled by the Autonomous administration of the North and East
Syria . In particular, Americans
started recruiting the extremists in Gweiran and Shaddadi jails
located in Hasakah province. The jihadists were viewed by the
American intelligence as the most appropriate tool for the
achievement of the US political and military goals in Syria. What is
the motivation of Pentagon?

first, American military experts than anyone else know all aspects
and have impressive experience of the use of illicit armed groups in
foreign conflicts for the sake of the US interests. Everybody knows
the list of examples. Most prominent among the recent ones are
Afghanistan, Libya, and, of course, Syria where Washington backed the
Free Syrian Army in his war against the Syrian armed forces. Many
years of using “proxy warfare” proved to be extremely
instrumental so the American military leadership expectedly continued
to stand by this strategy.

the emergence of ISIS itself was due to the long-term hidden
activities of the American intelligence services. The former US
President Barak Obama acknowledged this fact in one of his
interviews. It can be assumed that Washington just prepares a
“revival” of well-trained extremists, who are ready for
everything for money and the release from prisons, to carry out
subversive operations in central Syria.

other words, the ‘method’ of exploiting militants is not new to
Washington, Americans have previously created powerful group, which
will pose a serious threat for the Syrian army even with a little
training and access to necessary arms. It is on these activities the
American military advisors, who train militants to carry out
subversive operations in central Syria, concentrated their efforts.
In addition to conducting armed attacks, it is remarkable that the
tasks of terrorists will include destroying supply lines and
establishment of control over crossings on Syrian- Iraqi border.
Moreover, a number of well-trained extremists are considered by the
CIA as capable of assassinating the incumbent president of Syria and
other top level officials.

is difficult to take issue with that a series of terrorist attacks in
the government-held territories not only will potentially explode the
reputation of the Syrian authorities, but will be conductive to
maintaining a threat of further distribution of the international
terrorism. Many western mainstream media will not remain uninvolved
and fill informational space with numerous publications over the
alleged inability of Bashar Assad to ensure safety of the Syrian

can only hope that both Damascus and the world community will be able
not to allow such arbitrary behavior and violation of the
international laws. Similar adventurism of U.S. intelligence will
hardly allow the USA to achieve a desirable aim, but can quite
generate a new wave of bloodshed and the revival of terrorism not
only in Syria, but also across the entire Middle East.