Vaccinating 60% against COVID will help to avoid new restrictions — Moscow Region head

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MOSCOW, June 16. /TASS/. Vaccinating 60% of the population will help to avoid new coronavirus-related restrictions and protect those, who cannot get COVID shots for medical reasons, Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov said on Wednesday.

“Nobody wants new restrictions or even a new lockdown. The main ways to prevent this are vaccination and herd immunity. Only when 60% of the adult population gets vaccinated and [develops] antibodies will we be able to protect those, who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons,” the governor’s press service quoted him as saying.

Head Sanitary Doctor of the Moscow Region Olga Mikhailova on Wednesday issued instructions for the vaccination of 60% of employees in various spheres, including transport, healthcare, food services and other public sectors. Moreover, civil servants should also receive their COVID shots.

“Heads of such businesses should vaccinate at least 60% of their employees. Our Health Ministry will help them in this and organize a mobile vaccination station to come,” Vorobyov added, noting that the list is large but the main criteria is that it applies to businesses working directly with people.

The governor stressed, “this decision will provoke many disagreements but there is no other way now”. “The virus is unpredictable and changes. Without mass vaccination, we will continue to rock on these waves, and can expect new restrictions. I ask you to be understanding of the requirement to get vaccinated,” he noted.